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We earned our reputation as the no.1 roofing service company in Townsville because we always give our best to provide our customers the highest quality of roof restorations with cleaning services. Our team is equipped with the up to date techniques and materials to bring back the original look of your roof and give it a life.

Our roof restoration service is like a resurrection process, be it colour fading problem, removing all the mould and other debris — rest assured that you can count on us. We can even recoat your roof tiles and replace your roof sheet to fully transform to make it look like it’s new again.

As roofing experts, roof restoration is the best solutions to give a full makeover to your roof and to make it last for a long period of time. At Roofing Townsville, we offer you roof services to extent your roof’s life such as reflashings, reseals, repair damage, and supplant unsalvageable roof tiles. We will first inspect the whole roof to make sure that we will give you the exact solution you need, followed by cleaning it to remove any contamination such as wreckage and bird droppings then proceed to restoration process.

Our roof restorations and cleaning service also include roof repainting and recoating with the best and up to date supplies. This process will also extent your roof’s life and we guarantee you that you can apply the colour of your choice. As professionals in roofing service, we will always do the job based on your decisions and choices.

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Keep in mind that your roof is your main defence you got to keep you, your family and your house protected against all weather conditions. If your roof got cracked or damage, the it can cause some serious damage like water leakage on your walls and roofing structures, moisture build up which both can result to damp your ceilings and it can harm you, and your family’s health.

Although we know how expensive roof replacement or restoration service is, you can still trust us to make it budget-friendly for you, and we won’t give any unnecessary process still with high quality and worth paying for.

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