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Roofs are one of the fundamental parts of our house as it gives us protection from the sunlight, rain, storm and it gives us comfort. However, the roof can get damaged if it’s neglected such as leaks and some tiles could go missing. You need to know how to determine if your roof has leaks or damage on it so you can prevent any further damage and expensive repairs. 

Can you tell what the sign of a leaking roof is? If you don’t then we will enumerate it on this page.


Five signs that you have a leak on your roof

Water Dripping from the roof

Water dripping from your roof is one of the most common signs that you got a leak on your roof. However, once there’s already dripping on your roof, it means that the damage is already bad, and it could get worse. Hence, when you see this sign on your roof, call us immediately and we will fix it in no time.

Watermarks on the roof

This sign means your damage in your roof is not just leaking but you got water stuck on your roof already which will burst anytime, and it will cause a huge damage on your roof. It will also be a danger to you and to your family that’s why you should never get the leak on your roof get into this stage.

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Stains or spots on the roof

Aside from water dripping, a yellowy brown stain on your roof is also an obvious sign that you got a serious leaking roof. When you see this sign, it is much better to call our team so we could fix it immediately.

Missing roof tiles

You probably don’t see any water dripping, watermarks or stains on your roof. However, if you notice that there are some missing tiles on your roof, then that could be followed by a leak. Don’t wait for a leak to occur and call our expert roofers today !

Sagging of the roof

Aside from watermarks, a sagging roof is also a strong sign that you have a stuck water on your roof, and it could burst anytime. Again, you really don’t want this to happen on your roof.

Things you need to consider why immediate actions is necessary

Did any of those signs hit you? If it did, then it is much better to give us a call immediately. Here are the reasons you need to consider why it is very important to act immediately.

Insurance Coverage

You need to be aware that a roof damage such as a huge leak and burst roof can cost up to $2000 and that amount will not be covered by your insurance company. Kind of expensive isn’t it? This is the reason why you should never ignore a leak as it could get worse and it will cost you an expensive repair.

Further Damage

You should know that leaks will not go away or heal itself like our wounds. It needs repair before it causes further damage on your roof. Repairing a leak is not expensive and it won’t take a lot of time. 

Water causes Rot

Yes! Water will cause your roof to decay, and when that happens, mould, algae and damp will follow. Keep in mind that your roof and ceiling are mostly made out of wood and too much water leak will cause your roof and ceiling to get rotten. When this happens, it will cost you an expensive roof repair, that’s why roof maintenance is very important.

Prevent a Roof Leak

If none of those signs hit you, then congratulations! There’s no leak on your roof. Though you still need to get a roof maintenance and inspection to make sure that leaks won’t occur on your roof and compare to huge roof damages, a roof maintenance will be very affordable that comes with a daily inspection.

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