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Why worry when you have Roofing Townsville that’s reachable no matter where you are located in Townsville, ready to serve anyone who needs our services. Since we are the leading roofing service company here in Townsville, our team also provides different services such as roof leaking repairs, roof restorations, roof installations, gutter cleaning, fascia repairs and installation and commercial roofing.

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Roof repair

At Roofing Townsville, we always aim to provide our clients with the highest quality and satisfying service here in Townsville and its surrounding regions. Our forte is repairing roofs that need our skills and proving buildings safety checks inspections. As experts in roofing services, we know that roofs are always exposed in different weather conditions and without any proper roof care, it could get some damages and cause serious problems. For properties that has been around for years, their common problems are the roofs because roofs have an importance on its wear and tear. That’s why if you don’t take care of your roof, it could cause some serious and expensive damage in your house, so it’s the best thing to be proactive. However, you don’t have to worry about that because we got the perfect roof restoration team who can get your roof fix and make it look like its new. All you have to do is give us a call then we can give you a hassle-free experience to get your roof fix and make it look fresh again. Always remember to get a professional and licensed team like us when it comes to roof repairs.


Roof leaks

Always be ready for yearly rainy season and your roof might be prone to roof leaks. Fortunately for you, Roofing Townsville offers roof leak repair services that will seal and get your roof fix to make sure that there will be no water damage in your property. It is important for you to know that mould might occur, and it can harm your family’s health if you leave your roof unattended. Though our team has specialists who can help you detect any leaks you have on your roof and explain to you the accurate reason why it happened to your roof and give you the right solutions you will need. Leaks will also cause some structural damage to your walls if your roof won’t get the right roof care. That’s why it is important to get a regular roof inspections and maintenance.

roof installation

Roof installation and replacement

Be it a roof maintenance to give your roof a fresh look or a whole new rood replacement, Roofing Townsville is the right team to call. Your roof can be too fragile and old, so there’s a possibility that you will need a whole new roof. Fortunately, Roofing Townsville has the most budget-friendly roof installation services and install your new roof with the highest quality materials and supplies to make it more durable that will last for a long period of time. Our teams always make sure that we install roof fascias properly and sealed so there will be no water leaks on the edge of your roof and to carry your guttering.

The whole process of our roof installation will be done by replacing all the roof tiles with new and high-quality tiles we got, ridge caps, battens, gable flashings and new valleys. Of course, we always clean and remove any small dirt you have on your roof before we proceed to the installation. Another great thing that we do is to get you roof done with a new coat, sealed and protected to be durable for all types of weather. 

Roof restoration and cleaning

We guarantee you that our team can restore any type of roof and even provide your roof with roof cleaning for a very budget-friendly cost. We are the right team who can help you to give your roof a neat and clean makeover if your roof is starting to look dirty and unsightly. To get rid of those fungi, mould, and so many kinds of dirt, we will do the whole process from repainting, to pressure washing and sterilising.

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Downpipe and gutter repair & cleaning

You need to be aware that having a blocked gutter (filled with dirt and leaves) can cause a water pool in your roof that will overflow. Once this happens, the water that has been stuck on your roof will spread to the other part of your house where it can cause a whole new leak if that particular part of your house is unprotected. For this reason, it is important to have your gutter clear to maintain a clear flow of the rainwater on it and prevent any blockage problem. Regular gutter check-up is also essentials, so you are aware if there is any blockage or cracks on your gutter and to get early solutions if there is any. With our downpipe and gutter repair & cleaning services, we will be able to give you a permanent solution to your roof problems, that’s why give us a call now and we’ll do our best to help you.

Commercial roof repair and installation

It’s not always that we have to replace the whole roof sheets in every client’s house we work with. Of course, we will make sure to conduct an inspection to your roof so we can determine if your roof needs a commercial roof repair or a whole new roof replacement. There are specific factors that we need to look at on your roof such as its age, fixtures, fittings and roof screws.

Repainting the roof will also be a part of our commercial roof repair, the purpose of this process is to control the temperature in your roof by making the surface of your roof much cooler and reduce the possibilities for heating. Roofing Townsville can also provide multitudes of services when it comes to warehouse roofing to make sure that your roofing is working properly. Our team can also offer you an opaque roof sheets so you can maintain a natural life and to save on energy during the day when it comes to lighting.

Roofing Townsville will always make sure that we can provide you the most economical roofing solution.


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Cheap Roofing Services Townsville

Roofing Townsville is aware that there are plenty of Roofing service companies out there, but you might get a hole in your pocket just to fix a roof leak or a roof replacement. Roofing Townsville aims to provide our budget-friendly services to our clients and make sure that will have a satisfying experience working with us. 

We made sure that all of our roofing services are designed to be low-cost yet efficient and less hassle for everyone in Townsville. Rest assured that we will be fully transparent throughout our even and endwise roofing process.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call, our well-experienced and very accommodating team will be happy to help you with everything that you need for your roof.


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